+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

the notable gentsand why you are not one of them

  • sue in dreadful sinus spell having dinner with bestie sid. it has been awhile the duo was last seen together. being honest here, sue is missing times spent with sid. after finished teasing that sue has found a new love interest that pushed sid out of the picture, the dinner is on him and he passed to sue his drowsiest draught for sinus.
  • Z making S laughed as he always do. he’s been very much under the radar. nonetheless, he’s still as wankozz as he always is, for S‘ amusement.
  • S calling V, in shock to discovered that he has resigned effective immediately. V seems very much monetarily-prepared and announced of his isle holiday plans that is taking place right around the corner.
  • S and — OMG, a new bestie? — what more, this person used to be the love of S‘ life turned the curse of S‘ life and now turned… a bestie? demoted yet still very much connected.
  • the response from S‘ girlfriends and bestie sid — disappointed with a big D. not commenting anything as long as it makes S happy.

    both S and T seem contented spending time at BORDERS in the european history section, talking about the prodigy and michael bay, and visiting the same chicken chop kiosk at the twin towers. oddly enough, the only time they are actually having conversations is when they are inside S‘ bended ms vesper while S drives like a jordy — short for jordana brewster. both have the mutual fear of being seen by their prospects — punah harapan aku.