invaders must die

in the porch, mum would parked ms lilac on the left, and i will parked vesper on the right. one fine day, when mum pulled the laundry hangers to the middle of the right side, i simply drove vesper to the left side and parked. picked up the laundry and pushed the hangers to the far right near the fence. mum came home and parked on the right.

the next morning, while mum was rushing to send L to the hotel, she put on her scarf, picked up her keys and carried her jacket into the car. she pressed the car alarm and walked to the car parked on the left. she was beyond looking at what she got herself into until she realized, why is the space so cramped? then only she said out loud — mostly to herself — “L, this is your sister’s car!” L was still standing outside after he puts his shoes on, merely staring at his mother and wondering why she got into the wrong car. note: it’s a habit of mine that i forgot to locked vesper.

on the afternoon, as i was dolling up myself for lunch and promised to send qieqie to the lrt station, i walked blythely barefooted on the porch wondering which footie i’m going to wear. i press the car alarm and pulled open the back door. i was mini-perplexed to found the floors neatly empty and wonders where the hell did kisha stored my shoes? i also did realized that it was a bit spacious for my vesper but i was still asking out loud to qieqie, “where did kisha put my shoes? i don’t see a pair at all!” then only i realized, this is ms lilac. qieqie was wondering quitely to himself — as he puts his shoes on — on why did his sister fishing around his mother’s car. note: mum forgot to locked the car after she got home sending L in the morning.

both cars and their owners are fully-automated.

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mana boleh tak suka the prodigy?

sangat layan. what with encik dave grohl is the featured drummer in run with the wolves track.

back with mr musick/mr foodie.

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aku dah kata.

comic sans must die.

if there is a petition, i’ll be more than glad. would signed it in a heart beat.

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went to penang again recently to visit a graved mother who lost her first child who was barely a year old (cerita hari keesokannya selepas tiba di penang). kelaparan teramat. aunt B made this clear broth of beef and potatoes. bukan setakat the beef, there’s also the urat and fats of the cowww and owh sooo comfort food. a bit of the crunchy bawang goreng and ntah sesayur amende. it won’t do justice makan dengan tangan. mesti sudu dan garpu. what with aku suka sepanas-panas yang aku boleh handle.

aunt B: oooh. ade mat saleh rupanya.