what happened to us
i shall not ask
it will sound out too loud and too stupid when it eventually came out (which i hope the eventually part will never happen)

what do i missed
i don’t miss you
i miss youed
youed when you first started to talked to me
all the niceties
all the gentlemanliness
all the sweet smiles
all the texts
all the nervousness
all the laughs
all the earnestness
all the adventurous part of you
all the curiousity you forwarded
each morning anticipated greeting
i miss youed laughing
i miss your goodnights
i miss that
and i don’t miss you now

let my guard down
and gave in too much

i miss youed
i really do

and i don’t even think of you now

would i do it all over again?




(i hope/i want) you’re the last.

and i’m missing every bit of youed so much.


lagu thinking of you memang sesuaiii untuk aku.