press conference

the epitome of an egomaniac
the epitome of an egomaniac

rolling stone: how do you feel about liam g currently being anti-suessysurayasuhaimi for labeling his facebook bff “arwah”?
moi: lame. if that is all the reason he has against me.
rolling stone: do you blame liam g for being fiercely anti-suessysurayasuhaimi?
moi: i still won’t blame him even after all the explanations that i have painstakingly blogged before. explanation is all i have to offer or he can go ahead and fill in my shoes. his friend is alive and well last time i texted — like, two seconds ago.
rolling stone: so you guys are friends now?
moi: amicably, yes. in his words, “let bygones be bygones” — in yerrr face, liammm! it’s much funner now too, i get to say what i like, to his face.

note from editor: S is not looking forward to reconcile romantically with tagg (the ex formerly known as arwah). on a more positive note, we are happy to report that S is currently head over heels on someone — who has never had a romantic relationship with her previously.