+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

late March. oui, outdated.

S browsing through the soccer fan oriented tees at a nike store. looking for the perfect birthday pressie, S? we do know that for awhile S has disconnected herself with soccer, the last time she followed on everything epl was from her then-now-reconciled bff B, and she was with the gunners — besides the notable azzurris.

now that S is hanging out with such a boyfie, she is taking note on this and that about those english boys in shorts and boots, with the help of her brother and guycousins at the tip of her celly’s keypad.

S, browsing through the tee rack of her most hated soccer club… my, quite a sacrifice, S, i’m sure you even surprised yourself.

then again, when it comes to S, we do know how she can just pleases the particular man who gets her attention.


for now, you are lucky.