cloud nine, mud nine


symptoms of depression — nst, life&times, tuesday, march 17, 2009

  • depressed or low mood
  • loss of interest or pleasure activities
  • feeling unmotivated
  • headache, backache, muscular or joint ache
  • fatigue or loss of energy
  • psychomotor agitation or retardation
  • insomnia/hypersomnia
  • recurring thoughts of death/suicide
  • feeling of worthlessness or guilt
  • decrease/increase in appetite
  • unable to concentrate

scored nine out of these — whou hu hu! aku paling suka part suicide. bukan lea aku nak mati. tapi aku tak nak rasa apa-apa.

“gotta look at the bright side, at least she’s you still eating which means she has the appetite want to go all out and enjoy with your friends.”

— luesi’s vet

lex arr, S. i’m always your number two like you are my number twenty-four (meaning 24/7 for moi). tapi kau pun aku takut nak call. kau ade life. aku nak lepaskan life, macam kau nak lepaskan impian berkahwin. aku nak kahwin. nak kahwin, kena lea hidup… kan?