let go, dammit

i am still smelling penang… am i still in penang? i don’t want to leave just yet. afiq was mengada at the last minute. when i was about to leave then only he was clinging to me and won’t let go of me, even when his mum is taking him. twice. he was shaking his head adamantly and determine to go wherever he will be taken, waving to the isle confidently.


i want to still be in penang. i want to have the smell lingers around. i’m missing my cousin’s smell… his perfume that makes it feel sooo familiar and more importantly idyllic. i’m missing penang already. i’m so scared about coming home. but i am home already.


takde mood nak bersembang.

dua-dua letih.
dua-dua merajuk.
dua-dua jual mahal.
dua-dua nak dipujuk.

totally failed formula.


and i am mentally preparing myself untuk tergolek-golek again when he’s away next weekend. thank god there will be a cashmere mafia reunion. and that luesi is back, i can concentrate on menggemukkan her again.


jangan malas-malas… sila masker muka.