sandwich is bliss

accompanied chap to the vet, bringing mario for a shot. i was sitting on the plank benches — gila kedekut tak boleh nak bagi sofa — and one of the docs asked if i am okay with dogs. he explained that there are going to be three huge dogs coming out of one of the rooms. i was weighing the idea but got slightly influenced with chap panicking although at first i thought i could handle it. out of almost hysterical, i asked if i could stand behind the counter. chap forgot the idea of being panic, visualizing me as a nurse and passed to me the clipboard with the form he just filled in for mario. only when the door of the particular room was opened did chap started panicking again as the dogs were really huge. they are the big size breeds, i think there was a retriever and the second one — the second one! i couldnt believe my eyes — it was an alaskan malamute!

he was black and beige and was gorrrgeous. i greeted it with a swooned hello but it just passed me all dizzy and blur — baru kena shot lea tu — and goodness, he was huge! like maybe ada lea around four feet tall. the owner drives the new crv and i guess she had to be alone because all three dogs would be occupying all the spaces including the passenger seat. i supposed they will wear the seat belts since they can’t fit into individual bassinet.

after all that and chap went in with mario for consultation, i asked the other doc —

moi: can i ask… was that an alaskan malamute?
doc: yes.
moi: wow… they can withstand the weather here?
doc: oh, that one was born here… already the fifith or sixth generation… the first generation was imported and lived in an all day air-conditioned rooms. they got busy and breed, and those born here are adaptable to our climate.
moi: i see… they’re not really common here, yes? usually it’s only the AKKs.
doc: yes… true… wow, you can differentiate between a husky and a mal. not many people can do that.

hahhh… rugi chap tak witnessed… it pays, darl… knowledge is powerrr… so i memang powerrr, ;-p!

tahap jakun tu ada lea kalau boleh i would want a potrait of moi hugging one. but then akan menjadi gambar kontroversi seperti si pelajar veterinar bertudung yang gelejat bergambar dengan anak babi yang cute cute, aww! okay, semua kejadian DIA adalah indah-indah belaka although aku tak reti nak appreciate kewujudan babi selain menerimanya sebagai kegembiraan sejati anthony bourdain dan bukti-bukti whyyy other people eat them and we Muslims just don’t.


they’re handsome, gorgeous, furry, gerammm-material, dan mampu untuk mencarikkan — dengan sekali hambatan sahaja — genital si penjahat-penjahat yang cuba meng-violate aku and everything/everyone that i hold dear. jikalah boleh, dan aku mampu, punyai kawasan yang lapang, i find dogs — besides as a very idealistic pet — is essential for safety. mereka bukan robot, mereka juga emotional — alah, tengok bumblebee kena tangkap kat bawah jambatan tu pun aku menangis jugak — the protective feeling you would have for each other, is boundless. then again, apa yang kau tak yakin dengan pohonan doa berlindung denganNYA? Insya Allah…

+ + +

i really love sandwiches, panini and alike. went to vivo with qieqie and i ate them sooo messily.

moi: don’t eat these when you’re on a date.
qieqie: kenapa?
moi: messsssyyy!

when tony went to new orleans, he commented that he doesn’t like tomato slices in his sandwich. those tomatoes made the sandwich fillings slide here and there. for me, as long as the bread’s toasted and there’s more fillings at the end of the sandwich, i’m good.

the two of us went all out against the rain belting to estrella’s stay, david cook’s lights on, katy perry’s thinking of you (moi current faves),  do girl talk and got sooo frustrated that we were too late for the fourskin stores, it already closed… i almost had a good reason to buy a new umbrella and qieqie a new pair of thongs, ;-p.

+ + +

and i took this shot for chap — essentially, ok.