i don’t exactly like this girl. i usually ignored everything about her at par with vanessa hudgens, paris hilton and lindsay lohan like i prefer reading up on nicole ritchie or hillary duff more. but i like her in this roberto cavali number at the grammy party — i thought she dressed her age.


and personally, i gotta admit — silently — that i really like her dress at the oscar. i heart this dress, truly. and oui, she dressed her age.


— — — — — —

evan rachel woods… what of me not to hate about her? she’s ethereal looking, something of an angelic-ky, white side of goth. goes without saying that when she was with manson, manson’s bandmates commented that woods looked exactly like dita.


mum: she (woods) is only about mocking the wife (dita).

nahhh… dita is much more original and beautiful, in her signature burlesque persona.

— — — — — —

i like heidi’s earrings and very laid back yet elegant hairstyle. aku kawin nanti, aku nk statement earrings like zat.


— — — — — —

although i never like SJP, i guess i sort of softened for her after satc the movie. and this dress of hers courtesy of dior haute couture — and the only one that i know of whos wearing who at this years oscar, and im dying to know who does miley cyrus‘ — is worth a mention.


and she went upstage with daniel… omg! *female jealousy*

SJP: we don’t have to explain to you what makeup artists do.
daniel craig: just take look at us.

more or less like that, pardon the inaccuracy.

— — — — — —

marisa tomei was sooo fucking haaawwwttt !!! besides the obvious that she’s gorgeous. hot comes first, then gorgeous. in one breath, one sentence, one night.


— — — — — —

then there’s alicia keys. she was statuesque… macam barbie doll with a nicer tan. though her eyes looked a lil bit cleopatra-overdosed… but nevertheless, she was one word — beautiful. gorgeous… and another word lah. before the camera panned upclose as she strolled to the middle of the stage to present the award, i went, “who is that… ooohhh, alicia!” 


— — — — — —

last but never the least, i gotta vouched for anne hathaway. she’s my role model. i’m glad she didn’t look too thin or her eyes dominated her face like when she was at the sag and emmy. she is, one word — beautiful/gorgeous. i can count and i know you can too, so just shut up.


miley in roberto cavalli
pictures from Yahoo!