crash and burn

i’m feeling terribly icky lately. the sinus, the coughing… if i forgot to keep track how long i’ve been under the weather and not get my blood check, meningoencephalitis might hit again — nauzubillah.

i gotta pull things together… i’m just letting it drift these days. there is no personal issue to be affected with work but i’m tumbling down quite alarmingly disappointing that Miin is disgusted with me. my personal issue with the girls are that they are too busy for the weekly cheapskate ritual — these days i know how roha felt one time before. one of the girls is only calling me to check on her so-called fiance. the heat — not the physical infection — is building up.


met my diploma mates, it’s like reunion in the FB. i owe one of the girls her romeo and juliet OST and natalie imbruglia’s left of the middle. luncheon with the breakfast club — juez, nora, aja — sounds perfect, just tell me when and hopefully i’ll be there.


i’m tired of making bridges connect. the dinner with chap and his childhood friends made me laugh like the last time i did with my own childhood friends. the jokes, the craps, the obscenities, the obnoxiousness, the teases, the dissings. as much as i enjoyed it, i’m still crying my heart out as i texted thank you-s to chap and looking at the FB photos.


nothing keeps me going but one thing keeps me happy. to see pharrell in the flesh. and to spend the whole one day with chap. i never thought about going, but when i bought this black and white trapeze top, i was saying to myself, “i’d wear this if i’m going to sunburst.” never thought chap would say that he’s taking me.


what kind of present to give to a girl?
give her anything… she’ll keeps it. the thing that she keeps is the guy’s thought, not the gift. the gift only represents the guy’s thought for her.