+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

is an office romance brewing S‘ way? she looks perkier and all smiling lately, even on the way home from the building. the possible beau commented that she looks gorgeous-er since she started doing her hair in ponytail.

parcel after parcel arrives at S‘ place, making her mother switching on the nagging mode. S repeatedly tells her mother that the items are ordered on behalf of bff R as she is away at the downunder. but that excuse only valids until the mid of the month when R comes back — briefly that is, before R jets off to a local isle for a mini getaway.

supports our local products, market and economy, girls.

it doesn’t matter if they started out indie — i frankly sooo dislike classifying them — as long as they are true to their ideals and customers, these people will make it big just like miss monique lhuilier. and when you make friends with them and have been supporting since  day one, only front row girls know what she’ll get for being a loyal client — and our S, is a natural.