phase 2106: my anna w folder

phase 1979: a rockstar boyfriend to (hawtly!) make out with


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it should’ve started when i could not stopped myself from noticing suerie’s cardi at wani’s breaking fastyeahhh, cerita teramat lama ago. so she told me about the blog she visited and at the time i was subconsciously aware that online shopping will never happen to me because: one-i’m always out of cash, and two-it is sickening that i would not be able to get what i want because it would be sold out and the reason that i would not have the luxury even to have the item reserved is because of reason one.

the second sign was when i was FB-chatting with roha. the conversation went like this (more or less) —

roha: babe, you should get more clothes.
moi: haha… okay…
roha: you better get more. you bukannya ade baju.
moi: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

keep talking. i am still listening. even though i am sooooo mad at you.
roha: haha. it’s better that i tell you know before M tells you off.

i took to listening what the girlfriends are telling me to do, to fix, to tweak, to dab, to brush, to pluck, to polish, to smear, to gloss, to spray, to tie, to iron, to trim, to bring up the potential of prettiness out of moi ever since it came to knocked me to my senses as aneeza regaled this piece of story to moi —

ade this girl ni pegi salun yang aku selalu pegi. the girl cakap kat orang salun tu, dia nak nampak lain. orang tu suggest potong rambut — that girl cakap tak nak. suggest trim — tak nak. suggest colour rambut — tak nak. suggest perm — tak nak. suggest blowcurl — tak nak. suggest highlights — tak nak. in the end orang salun tu tanya, “macam mana you nak nampak lain?”

and i supposed, i took roha’s advise to heart because now, i could not stopped spending. previously roha has been giving endless warnings that she will start collecting rm100 monthly for our summer holiday and on top of it she reminded moi to have rm100 aside so that i could buy clothes — which is, at the time is asking a lot out of moi the-always-penniless-paying-phone-bills — and look at moi now with clothes-shopping. fucking addicted.

this is when i like it so much when this line took effect — be careful what you wish for cause you just might get itla la la la…

when i thought i would never be going to klcc because i don’t think i belong to that group — at the time it is just opened — it ended up as my circa ’99 – ’05 playground and i even worked there.

when i thought i would never be active online shopping because money will be flowing slowly my way… thank YOU.

in a relative note — ever since i became single, there are trips and trips after trips after another. perhaps i did had a lot of trips previously but i didn’t enjoyed it as much as i do now.

anysz: tak boleh dinafikan, memang banyaaakkk sangat kelebihan ever since kau break up. oh also, it felt like just yesterday we had the sleepover

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there are almost two hundreds — and growing — shortcuts in my folder to the clothes, shoes and accessories blogs that i frequented. there are certainly more of them, and they are not bagaikan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan, it would be more defining to say bagaikan semut menghurung jem strawberi. i may have been outdated myself. these people have actually come a long way.

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+ an earnest tribute to bella, sasha r, wada, soso, jcca, jassy, souledsisters, and especially CHY of choobs trinkets +


the blogger that i mused previously on his thoughts about michael bay’s love for military has earlier earlier earlier highlighted how our malaysians are still very much colonialized. which i agree. i hated walking in to shops or boutiques with the sales assistant pretending i don’t exists, i’m not good enough, i’m not rich enough or gorrrgeous enough to at least deserve their kiiinnnddd attention. it’s like i’m a piece of shit.

but be it other customers of other races… chinese, indian, chindian, peranakan, mixed and espeeecially the caucasian — whou — HELLO SIR/MA’AM, WELCOME! fuck you.

i was once a sales assistant myself so i knowww the kind of job you’re doing. not that i’m a hard up for a red carpet treatment but you must at least fucking acknowledge with a simple smile. that is the one service that we don’t owe you, that we don’t pay, that we are not charged for, are not billed for, or taxed for by the government, that you are instructed to do so like we are served with the complimentary drinks only you don’t have to concoct the potion, it’s supposed to be fucking intact in your muscle. i would understand that you would not even have the energy to greet a simple hello to me like some people who when are on the road driving could not even mustered up the energy to give a signal when they want to make a turn — merci… not.

sooo i find absolute extreme pleasure with people online — they seem to be much mooore civilized. although i can’t seem to escape the one-liner sellers… such cold bitches, really — thank god they are selected fews. as for the others who i have great inclination to response to their e-mails after their profusing thank you-s for my very miniscule support shopping with them, it is a reward in itself to get to know them and how they value you as the customer and effortlessly develop a friendship. smile.

another thing they score with their customers — well at least with moi — is my ultimate penchant: the packaging. some of them do it so well i hit the roof and mum entertains to my enthusiasm as i rave all day about how there are people who took into great care and details in delivering their items in beautiful wrap ups.

merci, darlings!

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i bought a brand new 320gb external hdd with casing and pouch for rm229 on top of its shipping cost of rm12 which amounts to rm241. the boys were raving that i could get it much cheaper at low yatt or digital mall or wherever else as long as i go there, walked, or drived through the throngs of traffic and people, paying for the gas, parking ticket or fares, walk around browsing from one shop to another, and i am no expert on people skill with these sellers or whether i do have the right questions to ask, what else i need to know and then purchasing with no clear conscience. whether you guys fucking believe it or not, there’s more satisfaction for moi to purchase it online. so i am not fucking olskool that i would need to belek-belek the stuff, touching it, caressing it — whatever — i’m just good reading its details of the item that will include the relevant info that i need to know, the price, the shipping cost and the reliability of the seller by just reading the testimonials voluntarily bestowed by the buyers (both good and bad comments included). believe me, even one single bad comment would be enough to destroy a seller’s reputation, else there’s always blog postings and forward e-mails that our good samaritan malaysians love to spread around, ;-).

so far, baby dylan (the external hdd) is performing well, thank you for asking.

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i promise to stop

i really have to stop… i just can’t stop purchasing… omg, i really hope this is a fucking phase!!! i just purchased another two tops in red. in my head the tops can do for clubbing, girl-outing and officewear… that’s gotta be very, very, very practical purchase, yes? kan? just something to justifuckingfy myself, ;-p. and also, anysz agrees with my mum’s comment (mum comment came as a surprise for moi) that my face nampak berseri in red… yeayyyy!!!

moi to roha, jan-27, 10:38:05 PM

hello there,

here’s my form —
1. Item : abstract sleeveless tunic
2. Name : Suessy Suraya Suhaimi

please let me know if the item is still available.

thank you!


moi as the latest potential customer, jan-28, 12:39:29 AM

i have to remember that i have commissioned someone to do another six rings — red, blue, yellow, black, pink, purple — and that i have a yet-to-confirmed-and-paid two pre-ordered pieces, and the drop dead wedges waiting for confirmation whether it would be miiine or nottt.

it’s nerve wrecking waiting for their response… then again, it’s the holidays — particularly their time of the year to celebrate the new year, so sit tight suessy, ;-p. if it’s not yours then it just meant that you can spend the put aside money on something else — nyeh nyeh nyeh.