moelikiss urainia hussain


oui, i named her only recently to go with the acronym of meet uncle hussain. whatever, okay. lantak situ.

… aku dah agak orang macam lan MUH tu memang pilihan kau. somehow, orang-orang macam tu memang taste engkau…


 i’ve been meaning to properly named moeli, since luesi‘s full name was a spur of the moment thing, and as much as she is my mother’s favourite feline, no kitty in the house can top mine.

kiss was only recenty added to moeli very much spontaneously. then out of nowhere came the idea to have her initials to the band’s acronym and i’ve just decidedly leave the last name as hussain. then again, finding the middle name was quite a tricky part as the only name came to mind is ursula. and i hated that name for i always find the name as very malicious — first exposure to the name was the villain of walt disney’s the little mermaid and then the famous ursula andress, what with the combination of moi disliking james bond… doesn’t help at all. hence i did a little bit of Google-ing and landed a greek name, urainia, which similarly shares the astronomish meaning of my name — celestial and heavenly.

roha gave moi moeli when i was in a depressed state circa late 2005, early 2006. i’ve been Google-ing that an foc treatment for my mental state is to get a furry companion. i’ve been telling roha that i’m looking for a kitten — a male would be ideal since i wouldn’t have to worry about it being pregnant — but i had a name pinned down, molly. so roha get a female kitty that always frequent her house for food and roha said her name is mango. whatever, moeli is molly when she first arrived to the house. she was like, light-footed and light-headed scanning around the house and blithefully ate kibbles out of roha’s paw hand. moeli adjusted herself to the house and the first sign of wanting attention she displayed was sprawling herself on the keyboard of my laptop.

moeli was a mum of five. now she is a mom of two. the remaining two. but for now we are going to talk about miss moeli, not her babies — we’ll get to that later. HE Knows i’ve been pending for this post far too long already, hope i would remember enough details about her babies.


for a mommie who gave birth to five babies, moeli is amazingly slimmed up like she has never give birth and that she is even of the same size with her kitties, as contrast to luesi which most people thought she is still pregnant. moeli is like, the coolest momcat i’ve ever seen, as contrast to luesi which was a complete nerve-wreckist.

moeli loves to bite. that is her sign of showing affection. somewhat a crazy bitch lea jugak — i say this with affection. moeli eats pasta, french toast, butter spread toast, kuih kasturi, caramel pudding and drinks coffee — the dutch lady uht coffee-flavoured milk, that is.

moeli went through a phase that she doesn’t want to come home or be closed to me. had to lure her with food or that the only time she pays attention to me is when i’m eating — she’d jumped on my lap waiting for some scraps. these days, she knows her bedtime and will only sleeps in my room.

aku rasa macam tulis karangan sekolah rendah bertajuk kucing saya. this post is temporarily abandoned. i am just rimas to see it sitting there in the drafts box. so, this is just an almost publishable version.