selective shopping

suessy suraya suhaimi, please. stop. buying. tops. in the duration of the last seven weeks, you have purchased almost 20 pieces of tops. what you are in almost dire need now are —

1. white skinny pants — circa rm150
2. levi’s princess cut dark indigo pair — price checked: rm409
3. a pair of pumps (or two ;-p — wouldnt hurt, eh?), pointy and 3 inch at least — circa rm80. tops.

you will be needing to not spend the reserved monthly money for tops-buying. you are done in that department. delay gratification. no more shopping throughout february. oui.


stoppp browsinggg already!


if anybody buying moi a pair of shoes, i’m a size 8. praying that wedgie to be mine, and ben to get me my mary janes. please, please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

itu je.


dan kuruskan badan. lagi dan lagi.