selective disposal

usually when there are certain items that bothered me for quite a duration, i would blog to discard it. more often than not, it works. when i re-read my blog, i marvelled that — owh, i was feeling this? — so yeah, this form of  therapy is undeniably helpful as it has been proven scientifically. although, yes, some will brought up the fuckwhore subject (please don’t do selective reading, i did mention more often than not), why it is not that discard-ish… because, she is a fascinating study of lustro stupiditis.

lately, i’ve been visited with dreams of reconciliation. according to dr emeritus anysz, i may have subconsciously missed him. i should — subconsciously — think that i am just familiar with him that i may not object to the idea of reconciliation. in reality, i would put all the mistreatment from him as the frontend of the battle to ever remind me that i have had enough, if there is no one else other than HIM, i should know how to treat myself the way i should… and so be it.

exhausting, really. not — at all —that the frustrations of it would never happened, but the fear if it would happened.


nooo wayyy.