worthy of

with His Blessings, His Love, and His Merciness, i wish that you are well and as strong as ever… i hope that you always remember that there is nothing in this world written for you that you could not handle — HE Promises each of us that.


mungkin, wallahu’alam, selama ni dia buat macam tu, kita tak tau. sekarang kita dah tau, takkan nak terus buat bodoh jugak, kan? i do not know about you, but i could not live memperbodohkan myself. i could not forgive myself for doing that, hence, i am glad that it is overwhelming within myself that i will not allow me to be hurt for any much longer — that is, with HIS Consent and all of your endless support.

you tengah dungu-dungu alang nyawa-nyawa ikan mengadap pesakit mental pun masih boleh nampak rasional, tau apa nak buat, tau apa yang you nak, tau apa yang akan mendatang bila you tekad dengan keputusan you.

saya sememangnya mengalu-alukan ahli baru dalam kelab single kecil-kecilan saya ini, tapi syaratnya ahli mesti seseorang yang berani menanggung consequences. there’s the benefits of being on the right side, kita takkan rasa macam cacing kepanasan — we are spared, because HE is Maha Adil. i’m sure you are strong, you are one of the biggest influences and reminders for me to be one. despite orang nak kata apa because you chose what you chose, bukan diorang yang seksa macam you seksa. i never say it is right, but at times like these, it is the best for you and only you. and you will never be alone, i promise you that, insya Allah selagi terdaya.


i love you and i love you so much, i am crying each tear for you, hoping that i could partake the sadness from you. none of us deserve this. sejahat-jahat kita, we are not the israelis or the fuckwhores. seberlagak-lagak kita, we are not george w. bush or tom cruise. we are we, and we don’t deserve this, especially good people like you.