diagnosed: datephobic

i want to get the date out of the way. somehow it keeps glaring at me.

+ + +

diagnosed: spendaholic

on saturday vesper went for her checkup. her lock has been repaired and gives out such a defeaning sound like a gunshot. horrifying, truly. Dad requested for 100% cotton white shirts but we found oxford cotton instead but alas, no size. somewhat defeated, and restless for not shopping, and restless for not buying a new pair of shoes — not even Mum could decide which scholl to buy that i would chipped in a couple of tens for her — i purchased L’s birthday present a little tad too early. and have it bagged altogether.


puas hati.


antidote: self-control

+ + +

diagnosed: reasonable

had lunch with sazali and the first thing that happened between us was our first time heated arguement as friends — although i did much of the shouting. i was upset with a few girls’ blog i read who are currently undermining themselves with the state of being single. they are not all to be blame as they would not be able to help themselves to feel that way because of the society.

sazali: sape yang buat diorang (the girls) jadi macam tu?
moi: men.
sazali: despite the fact that they have a comfortable monthly income — four, or five figures. despite the fact that they are better off than before… but when one is dumped or left for another — walaupun they are the one who decided to end the relationship — akan rasa shitty tahap the shittiest.

dearest society, at one point, please do consider that it could have been your son who broke the heart of a wonderful woman to pieces. then again, why would your son deserve such a bravura creation from HIM?

yes, if they were my own brothers, do not disown your sister for being on your partners side.


being fair, sazali had his go with me for being such a materialistic person.

sazali: kau nak lelaki yang ringan tulang, yang ramah, tapi mesti kaya… mesti anak dato’… ape yang best sangat dapat anak dato’?
moi: darling, there’s so few of men who value their responsibilities. tak mewah, tak apa. tapi mencukupkan. kalau lebih, it’s a bonus. goes without saying the man has to be ringan tulang… especially when there’s family gatherings, tambah lea family aku… tak ramah, tak ape, tapi tak lea berat mulut. kalau kau mewah segalanya, boleh mencukupkan dan melengkapkan but became a model that i do not want my children to follow, i’ll passed him up — without so much as batting my eyelashes.

+ + +

diagnosed: adored friend/sister

i was all ranting with ben for his mia ever since the new year that he eventually put down a date in february for a twenty-four hour date and a new pair of patent mary jane so that he will not have to go through another eight-year sentence and missed my wedding in case my wedding will not be in another ten years instead.


sue: whenever i though of it, i was shrieking to myself, how could i forgot about this? so i just want to confirm it with you, and this is a gentle reminder for both you and me, that you will give to me that extra set of victorias secret, yes?
sid: (chuckles) yes, of course.