the brain under their belt

this is outdated. as outdated as january 5th.

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i received a call starting from an 0-5 number, and my first thought went to — and i went, “wah, cepat gile dia dah sampai sana, but why would he calls me?” then i thought, this is not his number since it start with 3— and his’ starts with 7—. i answered the call and the first greeting was, “hi, honey!”. perplexed, i asked, “who’s this?” and then the line went dead. then i asked myself, “aku dah ade boyfriend ke?” bit gleeful, bit zoned out.

nevermind …

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i came to be a bit kecewa with anthony bourdain. lately when i found out something like this, it became a total turn off for moi. not that he ever knew i exists.

but for the one person out of everyone else who deserves her husband’s respect, how could he treats his wife like zat?

no, no… tak boleh blah.

i read from someone’s blog who unearthed the previous relationship of anthony bourdain with nancy putkoski during my google-ing octavia bussia because it was said she appeared in tony’s no reservation‘s episode in tuscany ( just whyyy wouldnt i want to go to italyit is the idealistic description of idyllic!). tony left his wife of thirty years and she has put up with so many things for him. the findings left me wandering a bit, as much as this is about the brain under their belt, i was mulling things over for i find the details not explicit enough for me to hate tony for what he’s done.

whereas for john lennon, the details were explicit enough to the point that i didn’t mind — not a single nerve — that he died the way he did (sure john lennon fanskill me now for such a worthy cause).

so he’s a peacemaker, peacecaller, peaceful person and whatnot. yet, to his first wife — cynthia powell — he treats her like shit, he loses his temper, he cheated on her… ohhh tidak. i believe a man, despite all the rage, it does not justifies for him to hit it on women or children, especially those of his pledge to love and care in the spoken vows. i’m sure yoko ono was worth it for lennon — despite anysz’s question: worth it ke untuk somebody (who looks) like yoko ono? — but, finish your fucking business. the least that you could have for somebody you do not love anymore is respect that he/she deserves as long as it is deserving. i do realized — very, truly (i could not emphasize it any better) well aware of the consequence — that i don’t deserve the respect of what i’ve blogged, but i do deserve that respect prior to that — and especially the truth — when i was begging it to end/working it to work.

bff: untuk kau, cheating is a huge deal, isn’t it? totally your taboo.
moi: i may not understood yours and W’s relationships earlier, despising the fact of why-would-you-put-up-with-a-cheater?. but i thought, after all that he and he has proven to you and W, and shown to all of the friends, i learn to appreciate them. they deserved that second chance. you guys called the shot, and each shot hits home.