can’t get enough of you

i have made a mental note to myself that i would like to watch the 23rd AJL because meet uncle hussain is one of the contenders. and faizal tahir too, yeahhh — i have never watch his performance so why not sambil menyelam minum air, eh? — i remembered i was disappointed when i learnt that FT is actually married. i would only want to watch AJL because of the darlings, but MUH is the priority, missed FT is doesn’t the matter.

however, like last week when i missed the historical chelsea vs man u, i missed this one too.

what freakin’ happened last sunday? i got back from classes — new sem started — all happy and delirious and wholesome. when i reached home, i realized i did not went straight to bed only so that i will picked up L from the station around the last fifteen minutes before midnight — if i went to bed, it’s downright history and Mum will have to pick him up, which i dread. the telly was not on, i think Mum forgot about AJL as well, or that a lot of people these days forgot about AJL because there are unheard indie bands playing that they think is not worth as watching Melodi.

then again, i was one of them, only until i broke up. the part on “…unheard indie bands playing that they think is not worth…”, not the part of watching AJL. i ceased watching AJL aeons ago… i’m just beat with the entertainment industry as much as i am beat with the politicians, and equalizing watching AJL with the unheard indie bands is not as worthy as watching Melodi is simply a mockery.

i was one of those ignorants, not that much of a local act supporters unless they really hit my ears. and when they do so, i only acted mildly, thinking that they are still not that worth my attention. yeahhh, i was that — whatever you want to put it there. but i could never deny lan’s vocal ability. n-e-v-e-r. as i have always had the particular fondness for screaming/wailing male vocalists (not all men are that sensitive to show their emotions) like gerard way (yeahhh, just shoot me), remy zero, remioromen, glen hansard, and alike — lan is totally one in my list.

being new in the break up scene six months ago, i turned to songs and i vaguely remembered lagu untukmu may represents how i felt. i begged raymee to transfer the file to me and ever since then, it was love. right up to the point that yeahhh, having a rockstar boyfriend wouldnt be that bad (cerita poyo). to the point i begged kidd to introduced me to lan only until i found out that lan is actually, younger than me. ohh, takpelah. oui, memang i was a tad serious to consider him as a boyfriend.

thank god for youtube, i get to watched their performance there. i couldn’t stop smiling widely, grinning from ear to ear, the fucking three Es — enthralled, euphoric, ecstatic — they were mighty brilliant, it’s like watching your boyfriend performing his best, haha! my hands were in the air, i was silent screaming along with lan’s wailing (the climax of the songthe part that i love most), i would have been screaming and honouring them with the well-deserved standing ovation as well if i were in the hall. despite whatever kekurangan there was on stage, i must have not give a damn about it because they were just sooo good. especially, lan, of kross, and his vocal ability — darling, you. are. an. exceptional. marvelousity. and the drummer guy, hello, like your assemble and the red muffler does the trick, oui.

the last time i felt like this was watching the beijing olympic 2008 opening. the simplest and mightiest effort that was put in which could striked a chord in human’s emotion and at the same time doing your country proud with such passion. OTT — i don’t think so. they deserve this praise for this act. it’s like, you could not get enough of them on stage. FT’s performance however, was… okayyy so i didn’t get him and it was very much thank-god-it’s-over-now when he’s done.

oh, and they hailed from johor, is it… that’s what i heard. haha. okayyy, i do have alot of homework to do on my own people.