sid and sue went out for lunch again. going healthy, sue opted for the carrot-celery cleanser but at 12pm the gourmet restaurant is already out of celery and offered sue to go for carrot-orange which sue politely informed that citrus triggers her migraine so she opted for the carrot-apple mix.

guacamole and cucumber doesn’t seems to work for sue’s current palate and so she swears on southern fried food to overwrite the bland so-called detox sandwiches. what more when the cleanser went against sue at the last dripping liquid by staining the top she’s wearing that sid so much loves seeing her in it.

S is having shoes issues. she is in need of  new pairs of conservative yet pointy, the least 3 inch pumps, a plain white canvas trainers, and resurrecting her devotion for a mary jane. soon.

bff A went for the place where the ladies go for luncheon with S’ most possibly prospect lifetime partner’s familia for further details before confirming a date to be set. a latest profile picture has been forwarded for reference, not the outdated two-year-ago picture stored in friendster. this is crucial especially when your girlfriend has had a makeover for the past six months, so please have the courtesy to acknowledge her effort by showing the latest snap in your cybershot/ixus.