this is a private party

yes, outdated… found this between the old e-mails as i was clearing out my mailbox, explicitly screening those who broke my heart.


this was fun. superb. mum made it perfect. mum supervised every step of the way. the girls were ultra impressed. they arrived straight from work, with a small duffel and a bag of make up that at the time i was still a virgin to those tools (now i have almost every single item, except a hairdryer and push-up bras). there was even a mini valet that mum co-ordinated. room was set to a specific lighting and air-conditioned. the sparkling juice, the pies, the endless supplies of coffee, the ultra late delicious brunch that mum prepared. the checkout at 5pm with a homemade doorgift — courtesy from the aunt in the isle — to bring home to. 


at this time, the girls were already telling moi not to answer the calls from arwah — that was a good practice, else, i will not be here. smile.

aneeza: kau planned semua tu untuk dia? gosh… kau tak perlu tunggu orang lain cakap, i’ll say it first — you. are. the. best. girlfriend.

anysz: aneeza susah untuk di-impressed.

thank god all the plans burnt to ashes and will never be permitted to rise like a phoenix, but suessy rised like one… haha! a different top in every series of pictures is one tedious rule to follow, but goes a long way. all the things that he gave just must go to the shredder.

reminder, reminder


got that out of the way.


thank god for a girlfriend like roha who is always with plans to have fun, to remind us to wear bikinis — despite being married, she still wears the hat, haha! — thank god for a girlfriend like aneeza who is one of the best party planners with the must-have surprise element, thank god for a girlfriend like anysz with all her beautifying tools, and thank god for the last but not least, huda and cordee — the party-hardest babes — to show you how it’s done.

love you, love, love, looove!!!

… dressed head to toe in love. And that’s the one label that will never goes out of style.

Carrie Bradshaw