S at the hotel nearby her favourite playground, carrying three giant totes on her left and three freshly laundered garments on her right. one who never believes to travel light even for a few hours stay. bff A and R would be proud with S‘ hairdo and a DVF wraparound khaki dress she dolled herself up for the dinner.

the next day, half sleepy driving around mum’s ms lilac running errands, S stopped at her favourite pet store and flopped on the sofa. there — one of her favourite therapies — she cooed and played around with the british shorthair kitty that is for sale at eighteen hundred, and the long-hair grumpy-yet-desperate-for-attention persians that are waiting for their grooming session. S also purchased a new toy for her kitties that would match her bedroom.

home. splurged a few trinkets for her besties that will be shipped by next week.