squaring off

+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

four years ago, S sold her friendship with B for 80 bucks. four years now, S decided to say hi to B.

A: so there is a posibility that you and N will be friends again.
S: i prefer to forgive guys rather than girls.
A: keji.

is there a difference between B and N, you asked?

B did something that N has not done, and N will not be doing it for anytime soon or perhaps never (to be safe). B has shown remorse (which N obviously lacked of or may never have it in her blood at all) on what he did to S and waited that same four years to earn forgiveness from her.

and now S and B are friends again, with them meeting for the first time on new year.

finally, S has her B and they will be spending a lot of time like they used to especially when B suggested outings with one particular element that S will never say no to — coffee.

how unhard it is to make a friend content?