kurungs, surfing thongs, and a male nurse

this post is super outdated.

anysz: (wailing) suesssyyy, kenapa tak angkat phone?
suessy: sorry, aku tengah seterika baju. aku nak kena pegi ampang.
anysz: (wailing) alaaa, ade apeee?
suessy: aku nak pegi kenduri tahlil.
anysz: (wailing) alaaa, suesssyyy, no need lea… mari lea join we all…
suessy: to do what?
anysz: (giggling) aktiviti yang aku mengajak kau sejak hari sabtu lalu… selepas birthday T—
suessy: oh ha ha, no!
anysz: (wailing semula) alaaa suessy… kejap…
farizz: suessy?
suessy: yes!!! no, aku tak nak karaoke! aku nak kena pegi ampang!
farizz: kat ampang ade ape?
suessy: kenduri tahlil.
farizz: alaaa, tak payah pegi lea. jom lea karaoke.
suessy: never! aku dah lambat dah ni!
farizz: sape mati, suessy?
suessy: everybody.
farizz: everybody?!
suessy: yes, eventually we all will. see you some other time, sweets, but never to karaoke.

+ + +

so i donned the new scarf and my aunties and my cuzns adores me ever more, and my mum was beaming proudly of how gorrrgeous her daughter is with her hair covered. i was simply only doing a fashion moment.

najwa: giler ah! ustazah! tahun baru nyer azam?

actually i was totally dizzy right from the start as i kept my head straight at the back of the car all the way from kj to ampang so that i won’t spoil the scarf. i didn’t have the appetite to eat and i screamed for coffee but i don’t want to do it because once i made a mug for myself, all the other uncles and aunties would veto-ristically appoint me as the grand dauphine of legal substance to prepare coffee by the pots. oh, tidakkk, aku tak ade mood.

…tudung ikin?
moi: blahhh. this is tudung permaisuri, ok.

eventually, i took the scarf off and i felt… breeeezy.

“hah.. ni baru suraya yang sebenar,” said najwa in awe… but mostly relief.

+ + +

it was fun idyllically jamming big apple doughnuts down the throat (especially the coffeeflavoured and cheese shredscovered), drinking glasses after glasses of orange juice (especially when its a no for it triggers my migraine), hanging out with a handsome male nurse, and donning kurungs with surfing thongs.

cuzn w: surfing thongs???
moi: oui. on our feet. not between the crack of our asses.

as our usual practice, once all the prayers, makan time, gossipping, enduring praises and mockeries alike from our aunties who’s counting the last years of their lives to be able to see us on the dais, we the cousins had enough and sneaked out to go to a nearby shopping mall.

i said i wouldn’t, as i have already purchased the trinkets from najwa, but there’s these fitted blouses with bell sleeves and adorable patterns. i just must have it. it’s a buy one free one at that.

cuzn w: yes. this is sooo you.

it really is a good sign ever since someone walked out of my life on her own accord. found another mutual gossip girl fan who’s sending over a 4gb thumbdrive for me to load it with gg season 2.

moi: aku lea blair waldorf!

and then we went camwhoring and it’s nice with that handsome male nurse around — as per usual appointment — i put him to work to take the photos. and i always appoint one who loves candid shots as much as i do. though maybe he’s not that good at it, but he’ll do.

cuzn w: hello, it’s not like you guys paid him for taking the fhotos! don’t complain! he’s my husband!