beside yourself

+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

S and Q celebrated new year at their own age-appropriate venue and activity. these sibs were in the crowd during the countdown. Q and all the underage indie friends went for the fireworks at C— and S was a club debutante at K— acing all the euphoria nerves with A, W, E, and a superhot Pharrell Williams’ lookalike.

Q arrived home at 3, and S drove home at 4, with only three hours to sleep before driving to the isle to spent their first days of 2009. travelling light is not one of S’ signature styles. with the hastiness of switching from her pouch to her Birkin, she left Trent and Travis the Second at the city.

on the day before they leave the isle, the sibs visited their favourite hairdresser to have their crop treated and trimmed before school starts. nine months and counting, S still very much sports the ice queen bob and as her cousin remarked on her boyfriend-less state, “she’s expensive”.