make it happen


i decided that a dress will need to go with the balenciaga heels i promised each of my bridesmaids, though i have not finalized the colour and i don’t want them to appear boria although that is the best effect as illustrated by roha — when all in the same hairdo, dress, and flowers, those elements will signified them as bridesmaids.

note (moi in wrath tone): i hereby banned anybody wearing my colour or the colour white to my wedding. you can’t help it if your kebaya bertanah putih and painted with colourful flowers but if you do wear all white to make yourself outstanding, i suggest that you will not want to wait for the bouncer to have his shoes’ sole stamped on the white canvas you’re walking in. this is my day, not yours — it’s either passed already or you gotta earn the right to wear white on your day, not anybody else’s day.

elyas: apa theme colour wedding kau?
moi: haven’t finalized. tiramisu, so far.
farizz: buat ape kau nak plan wedding kau sekarang… siapa boyfriend kau? dah ade ke?
moi: yes, i should start planning now. i am 25, not 15.

back to the bridesmaids’ balenciaga shoes — which anysz helped to decide for moi because she says a bag wouldn’t be significant (at the time i was deciding between a pair of shoes or a bag) — it was funny that i was thinking of what i will give the men just this morning and as we were lounging at the porch at anysz’s this afternoon, elyas popped the question —

“untuk lelaki, sue? kau tak bagi?”
… yeahhh, i was just thinking, you know. i had want to honour some of you gents who helped me through my break up… so yeah, the men will get something, though i do not know what to give… you men are harder to please, no? what with your high taste.
farizz: bagi aku belt je lea, suessy.
elyas: enjin kereta baru.
aneeza: kau kena make sure kau kahwin dengan anak dato’ or above.

why would it be his money… it would be mine. my gifts to these key people.

whatever, ternyata cinta must be played. mungkin masa potong kek. atau masa montage.
anysz: kenapa aku senyum sorang-sorang dengar lagu ni?

hah, berangan. i have always wanted a wedding where families are also guests. everything else will be taken care of. there will be plenty to eat, drink, deserts, nibbles, coffees (especially for the bride), gossips, chairs and mist fans. photographers to satisfy every cameranistas’ thirst for potraits. it will be at a ballroom or a hall since i do not want the house to turned into ground zero.

i have to finalized the colour. thank god i finalized on lilies.



to those who think this is too far-fetched, they are merely the weak and uninspired.