house of weasley (update on chicken chop)


sometimes i do get a bit tertekan to order one thing that i have always like to eat at gerai-gerai melayu biasa yang menyediakan western because i’d tortured myself imagining what others think of moi who is always at every second trying to be a mat saleh, but really, i can’t compromise not good food. good company, good ambience, but not good food? at least if not impressive, it doesn’t fall to the category of wtf-is-on-my-plate-?. i’m paying for the food. not that i am rich but if it is expensive, make it worthy of the tens of ringgits including tax and service charge coming out of my worn out purse. nooo, don’t make me meragam. i’d think that when i’m eventually turning thirty, i would officially do an azubirian (cerita lain).

so, i would order the chicken chop. because i like it. i do. i like the chicken breaded and fried and have the brown/mushroom sauce poured onto it. so yeah, if there’s a gerai melayu offering western food (regardless poyo or the possible new tafsirans to come out of MM’s observation and onto his blog), i will order chicken chop.

what is so complex about making a chicken chop? you’ll need the chicken + egg + flour + salt + oil = breaded chicken, fried. you will need garlic + demiglace sauce + button mushroom + water + salt + pepper +oil = brown sauce. coleslaw/salad. fries. no, no mash potatoes unless you didn’t forget milk and salt — there’s a stall at a food court at a hypermarket who is sooo underestimating their customer’s money and intelligence, simply mash the boiled potatoes and add water to make it mashy-mashier. no, no salt. no lemak. at all. superbland. and the veges they offered? strips of cabbage. raw. not even blanched. yes, no salt. i hope they choked with their money the customers paid for their food.

chicken chop. i like. so i do. a lot.

it’s comfort food. i like something crispy over broth. i can’t really eat anything so soggy without any crunch. like i have to take porridge with crispy fried anchovies or else i won’t eat it.

but i would layan nasi and gulai lemak cili padi telur ikan mayong on its own, or nasi with gulai lemak tempoyak ikan patin (bahagian dagu paling layaaannn) on its own. caaannn.

at times, when i’m ravenous or upset or can’t decide what to eat at the food court that sells varieties but actually taste the same kind of bland, the safest bet for me is chicken chop. oui.

aku suka southern food. crispy fried chicken, the mash potatoes, the gravy. yeahhh.

+ + +

i find myself suffocating for nescafe these last few weeks ever since Mum is only being loyal to old town white coffee second to her black coffee cap hang tuah, she has ceased buying nescafe beans. i was at my aunt’s newly renovated house for raya haji recently — looove the kitchen, felt like i’m in a jamie olivers set! — she was entertaining her high school girlfriends so we were left on our own with the table laden with food. i was too hungry at the time — shopping on your own is exhausting and leaves your tank empty in split second — i ate the chicken rice not with the roasted chicken, but with the rendang ayam, which najwa finds my combination perplexing. tastes good… like chicken (what else, eh?).

and unabashedly, something i have never done at anybody’s house but i was too fucking addicted for nescafe beans at the time, i made myself one of their 3-in-1 nescafe sachets (that i actually find undesirable, regardless rich, regular, or mildi only follow their recipe of 1 spoon of nescafe 2 spoons of sugar + 3 spoons of coffee mate) — make it two mugs for actual record. only for myself. at the time, those instant packets would do. and i am at bliss with the whole renovation, drinking it under the 3,000 ringgit chandelier. and with my aunt’s eight seater dining table, there were moi, mum, qieqie, najwa, kiey, and nurin chattering over the endless suply of food. i like that. soul food — felt like in the house of weasley.

and last saturday, i was somewhat having an anxiety attack, noting that we’re out of old town white coffee (the 30% less sugar) and that i do not know how to drink black coffee properly or black coffee doesn’t properly satisfies me the way nescafe does. i was virtually suffocating and screaming inside, and after coming out of subway with 46 ringgit worth of two-and-a-half foot lunch sandwich, i drank my steaming latte one shot, forgetting my breakfast sandwich on the other hand, and i am already full then. i don’t need anything else at the time. i had my shot of caffeine. i’m content.

+ + +

talking about so-called southern food, the only one there is around here which is fast food, is kfc. sazali doesn’t like a&w, and mcdonald’s won’t guarantee that i will always get the combination of drumstick and thigh, so we would relish our lunches at kfc. the both of us shares the passion for good food, and i was hoping that we’d have more choices for fried chicken than just kfc.

sazali doesn’t digs subway — though i dont think he will object those coupons that come with the 2009 calendar. and everybody thought wendy’s is a malaysian product. and i thought most of you have yahoo account e-mails, or that you’ll read articles from yahoo… the wendy’s ads are littered everywhere.

+ + +

there was this one time, i was hungry. really. and i was also thirsty. not so much. i ordered fried rice and teh tarik. the tea, which was milked just right and the heat was tempting, i drank it all one shot and already my stomach is full and i forgot all about the fried rice. at the time i didn’t need anything else. i was already full. contented.

+ + +

the revised definition of sleepy suessy aka sleepyssues

once in a while, i like my saturday mornings to start with a cat coming to the still sleeping moi, nestling itself to my fingers for strokes of half-awake-affections-by-its-owner and when it is content, it will curled itself in between my arm and torso with its chin rested on my bicep and the both of us would dozed off for another hour. and then it’s time for breakfast where i would like a toasted parmesan oregano bun filled with slices of salami and beef with tomatoes, onions, pickled cucumbers and olives sauced with mayo and bbq sauce. and of course, the latte. mini croissants on the side to nibble. my cat will take the dutch lady uht coffee flavoured milk in her saucer — oui, my cat drinks coffee, yeayyy!