be dead soon, georgie

to start the day, my expectation of a certain un-remorsed person proved to be true and a tidal of wrath swept into me, wishing for nothing more than an excruciating and painful death that follows after the unfortunate fever that resulted to a fake certified medical leave for a person i hated more than arwah — at least for now. 


when one dismissed a genuinely concern inquiry with “i have reasons that i don’t expect you to understand,” please don’t bother with the consequences that follows after that comment. the expected reactions out of the genuinely concerned person would be a heartache, a pang of disrespect, agony of not knowing, and a lot of spur of the moment moments.

deal with it.

and don’t bother to explain only until now. genuinely no longer concerned.


on the other side, it’s exhausting to have this feeling hovering on me until god knows when. but i am sooo glad that HE soon lets moi smile again. the feeling is swept off away as soon as it came, because someone made me happy just by the appearance.

if you are really sick (like when have you ever been real?)youre spared.