pcd’s i hate this part right here was replaced by mirage’s pesawat which is replaced by baek ji young’s like being hit by a bullet which is replaced by bloc party.’s signs. lately when i like a song, i’ll have it played it again and again until a new song came along.

+ + +

lost three kilos. finally!


+ + +

moi: mum, just asking. do we still have some more telur ikan in the freezer?

mum had to take ten minutes to answer moi as she was laughing her head off, taunted me for being greedy, put up a predicted scene if her sister was there to mock my greediness.

mum: ada lagi… kenapa?

moi: well, it’s just a comforting thought to know we still have a little luxury in our freezer.

oui, this is not caviar, or the malay version’s of caviar either although we can use that to make the europeans understand the way we understand their love for wine. this is telur ikan duri. we don’t have belugas in our freshwater.

+ + +

mum: just because she is an orphan, he thinks he can make her miserable like that!

moi: technically mother, one is no longer an orphan after they have turned 18. but it doesn’t mean that one or anyone deserves to be treated unfairly. regardless, to a man who’s foolishly in love with another woman — it doesn’t matter that if his wife is a queen, a royalty, anak dato’, educated, self-made — the man is simply being an asshole. somehow, other people comprehend this simple logic except the wife.

+ + +

happy birthday, jack.

for one who had to go back to his ex, he treated moi with respect and we parted amicably. no fucking nonsenses. just a few teases here and there. haha!