pessimista (update)

moi: there’s an eligible.
mum: yes. he’s good looking.
moi: he just got back from work… there’s the portfolio… and his briefcase… very niiice torso *the last part only to myself*
mum: he must be doing good. that’s a nice car. young… must be around your age.
moi: and must have a girlfriend already… or two in tow. urgh, that’s the scariest part. finally the last assumption that kills all hopes.
mum: yes, maybe. bila dah handsome, mesti lea ramai peminat. baik ambik yang biasa je, senang nak bela.
moi: at least yang handsome tu boleh justified jugak bila tak sedar diri, although not for long… tapi kalau yang buruk-buruk tu pun tak sedar diri jugak… lagi letih.

aneeza: tak. dua-dua sama, handsome atau buruk they will screw you in the end. baik ambik yang handsome terus.

anysz: it’s all in your miiind.

+ + +

moi: mum, do you know there’s that new guy of the R— division?
mum: yes.
moi: he’s quite a looker.
mum: yes.
moi: but he does the data entry works sort of?
mum: yesss. moi: oh… too bad. he’s reeeally tall *the last part only to myself*.
mum: for all you know he actually has a degree. it’s hard to find a job these days, he’ll just grab what he could get.
moi: yesss.