S and Mum trying out scarves and veils. S was put the task to modelled each style by the enthusiatic scarvesrist. perhaps S has found her calling? we do know that this queen S would certainly compromises what she can’t helped to compromise — the ONE and ONLY — always with style.

then again, people can’t help noticing her virginal hair — not coloured, not permed, not blown daily — she still has miles to go with that hair iron her BFF gave to her. she has that to flaunt and M is crazy about her tresses and S lurves big hair — think serena van der woodsen, not the 80s frankenstein’s bride. also the new wardrobe she’s overhauling — baby steps — with those that has tiny sleeves and very wide collar. S and Mum is also almost always bitching commenting fumingly each time they walked out of the store about the bitchier salesgirl — especially when she’s an m — who never knows how to greet, treat and serve a customer. that will defeat the purpose of becoming a pious, isn’t it?

can’t wait, S, perhaps you really do look gorgeous in scarves.



oh, and take note. great reference!