my hero

i happened to read through a gal’s blog and came across one lyric that put me back to the spot i have long ceased visiting: feeling unnecessarily guilty for the breakup. the right reason for moi to post up this amended lyric is precise… and a total soother. see, that’s why he’s my new hero — robin thicke.

i met the joker
and i stole the moon
i raise the sunshine
and i have been the fool
and i have been laughed at
and i have been lied to
and i have been left alone
and nowhere since

i took the picture
i faced the truth
i lived a lifetime
, a lifetime with you
now i watch you fall asleep smiling
and i lie awake
but theres only so much
a woman can take

and i am a hero
but i’m not made of steel
and i’m not the smartest man
but i know the deal
and i’ll bleed for your lips
if you’ll bleed for mine
and i can’t escape it
cause i do love you

i don’t cry, i don’t cry no more
boy, i know you want this
So i don’t try, i don’t try no more
boy i know you want this
so i don’t lie, i don’t lie no more
boy i know you want this
so i don’t cry no more

+ + +

i’m trying to live life without obvious sugar intake so help me God — which would simply means no coffee or tea — like can you believe for a Suessy Suraya Suhaimi to do zat?

the growing waistline makes me believe i could.