miss hospitality

i will never forget that gleeful scream as cordee walked into the room while the rest of us were singing the birthday song for her. as we sang the song, her prolonged scream sounded childish, disbelief, sugar-activated and just truthfully surprised and blissful.





there was a lot of catch phrases going on during the gath. if i’d logged each of them, dah penuh my blog.

+ + +

farizz: suessy, cerita smokejumper yang vince berlakon tu kan… based on cerita firesmokers ni lea.
suessy: i thought so too… i had the feeling, you know?
elyas: bukan lah, mana ade kena-mengena cerita smokejumpers dengan cerita ni!
aneeza: suessy, jangan lea percaya ape-ape statement dari farizz. elyas ni pun satu, jujur sangat.

+ + +

the chantily cake anysz chose for cordee’s bday is nice. for someone who only eats chocolate cake — cordee — and took part in finishing it off, is saying a lot.

+ + +

aneeza: nanti bday aku, aku nak ott.
farizz: aah, aku punya lagi dua bulan, ok.
anysz: susah lea macam ni. nak kena sambut bulan 1, bulan 4, bulan 6, bulan 8, bulan 11. saja tak sebut bulan 10. aneeza, don’t worry… stripper tu akan ade. dia cuma akan pakai bow sahaja.

+ + +

aneeza gave moi her hair iron. with anysz’s tips and tricks, aku jadi naik syeikh iron rambut. try macam ni, try macam tu.

aneeza: lama kau buat rambut kau, suessy.
anysz: tak, tak, dia tengah praktis je.
farizz: dekat sejam gak kau dah iron rambut kau, suessy. nanti bila kau dah expert macam anysz jadi berjam-jam. anysz sekarang tengah level tiga jam.

+ + +

there was a couple as the lift door opens. the girl had a surprised look at the balloons the post bday entourage were all carrying, and if the guy recognized moi, he must have went — silently. as anysz, farizz and moi got into the elevator and the doors closed going down to the lobby, i mouthed to anysz, “kawan P—”

anysz, the naivette, the straight-forward, the didn’t-get-the-first-word-i-said, said out softly but enough for every occupant inside the box to hear, “P—?”

quoting susan of fantastic four from the second instalment, “why are things like this always happened to me?”

yeah, i should have just kept my big fat mouth shut. never an ounce did i blame anysz. i just needed a hole to disappear into.

mum was laughing her head off as i regaled the incident.

+ + +

cordee: nak tak, kita semua —
aneeza: okay, dia dah start dah!!
cordee: macam ni, each of us write down three birthday wishes —
moi: a harry winston choker?
aneeza: dah tulis, then nak buat ape?
cordee: the friends tunai kan lea those wishes.
aneeza: yang aku nak, tahun depan, bulan 6, bday aku ott.
moi: my word is extravagant.
aneeza: anysz —?
moi: glamorous.
cordee: fabulous.
anysz: bali wedding.
aneeza: ape kau ni… lari topik… ni bday, bukan wedding.
anysz: tapi itu lea wish aku.
cordee: ohhh, over sangat wish pompuan ni… tak jadi lea cadangan aku tu!

+ + +

It ws so totful of u gys to turn my nite into a blast oist burfday celeb!u shud x hv,bt im certaily glad u did! 😉 .i almost x mind gettin another year older!! nvr expect ds frm u gys!it ws perfect!!1 o e most unforgetable moment!thanks gys!glad 2 hv u gys s my fwens!!lv u gys so muc!smooch! ;*

cordee: how much have you guys spent for me… oh gosh…
farizz: takpe, nanti bil sampai kat kau… kau tak perlu risau. paling cepat, esok!

+ + +

mum was ultra-housewifey the next morning. she called me up as we were still lazying around with coffee mugs.

mum: hello, when are you checking out?
moi: hi mum… we extended our stay to 2 pm.
mum: invite them for lunch. mama buat nasi minyak dengan ayam masak merah.
moi: ladiesss…

as usual, mum and her extended hospitality, served homemade sirap limau ais — farizz: auntie, saya bawak buah tangan ni (a bottle of Coke, leftover from the party)! — and later in the late afternoon there was darjeeling tea and just made pengat pisang. farizz and elyas dozed off together on the L-shaped sofa afterwards as the rain pours — while the girls, mum and i spent the time gossiping.

+ + +

happy birthday cordee!

happy birthday najwa!

happy birthday miin!

happy soon-to-be birthday, sophie!