we get it, you love to colour

as the title does not suggested anyways —

i don’t like people commenting this and that during a film when it’s the first time you’re viewing it especially. you’d want to soak in every detail, the lines, and enjoying the moment which the scene meant to give you a climax without faking it — at least for moi. and i pretty much disliked it when the people commenting the film, meant to teased me as well, when we are all in one same cineplex watching the same movie, paid the same ticket amount of the same currency, sitting on the same type of seat but hey, i am the other main actor, put the fucking spotlight on — only i am not in the same reel.

think it disrespect the others who were undersirably pulled in the same situation and i sunk deep in humiliation.

i just gotta get this out of me, else i’d self-destruct.