panic button

hari ini sazali memanggil saya, puteri gunung ledang.


sazali: kau pernah jumpa puteri gunung ledang?
moi: aku lea puteri gunung ledang — me… me… me… !!!

+ + +

at the parking lot view cafe

moi: damn, patut bawak turun kamera… felt like taking pictures!

+ + +

moi: stay away, sazali… currently my hormone level is very high. if it’s not of the fact that you are taken, i’d ravaged you already.

seriously, the thought that dia dah ade girlfriend stopped me. stopped. else, we’d be like rachel and joey.

+ + +

M: you should not fall for a guy that you enjoyed talking to everytime… nanti jadi macam arwah —

lol — even M is successfully influenced.

but darlingyou’re more turned on by an equally smart and funny mate, someone who challenges your mind and makes you laugh — the make out will follows, and the sex, then the love.

in that order. hmm.

+ + +

“suessy, untuk seorang lelaki yang waras — dia akan cakap macam tu ke?”

having friends means having SMEs thinking out the best options for you to choose and ensuring optimum result. oui.

roha and aneeza are my voice of reasons. they are aggresive, result-oriented, and take-no-prisoners gals. actually, they are the real blair waldorfs of my life.

whereas anysz is the actual serena. lemah lembut, spiri-chu-wal, dan aku-akan-cari-diorang-bila-aku-nak-somebody-to-agree-with-me-atau-menidakkan-dalam-nada-lembut.