sparks plug-and-play (outdated)

on oct 29th, these items were drafted —

last time, i dated a scorpio who i first said hi to because his nick intrigued me — touch-and-go-to-hell. i loved everything about him, he was cocky but amusing, he was knowledgeable and hilarious, he was simple and ultimately sensuous, he do english with moi at the point of 150%, he was 6 foot 2, and he’s great when speaking or not speaking altogether anyways — a good whole package.

we didn’t last, and i like to keep it that he showed me the exit so that i won’t be one of those girls. we should have fucking kept in touch, but the fucking ex-amour told me not to — which i adhered to loyally, thought we were something… not.

conclusion is, although i never take note anything astrological — although ironically, eh, that my name literally means star — i do say so that a scorpio is very well-worth considering… atleast for moi.

+ + +

chuck bass: one thing i learned, that in facing your true love, you don’t just give up — even if the object of your affection is begging you to.

+ + +

i was wrong… i thought i had all the pictures removed. there were still a few left behind … and the first thing that came out of my mouth as i greeted them —

“hello, asshole.”

true story (a la ari gold whenever he talks about dana gordon).

+ + +

this item happened yesterday

roha: i thought M was tall. he’s your height.
moi: i was wearing heels. HH pun my height when i’m on heels.
roha: HH is tallll.
moi: nahhh…

i’m just ultrahappy to know that roha take that criterion seriously for moi.