happy birthday iekmal !!!

+ + +

currently — since i am not mentally well (aren’t i always anyways) — hmm… ntah.
sugar is a substance that provided very temporary energy and you’ll be heading a slump soon — lately i have been quite sugar-rushed.

+ + +

M was amused observing my mellow-ness/ting tong-ness yesterday as we went to a post raya open house, and after for nightcap. I felt sooo weird and a bit blown off after the deep conversations with M — right now, i’m just… ntah.

i’m just bliss-y that someone was there to entertained.

+ + +

M: so your girlfriends think that you deserved better?
moi: naturally.

the fgk-s and cm-s can’t be fooled — even farizz is eating his own words as they observed M and moi. roha and aneeza are the voice of reasons — sticking to the ground rule, anysz is the pacifier… huda and cordee — they are too successful for now i’m just too wrecked up inside to face them.

+ + +

right now, i’m crazy about the cure’s lullaby. thanks to mellyssa who mailed the song to moi — i am just soaking it all in. oui, like radiohead, i do not know how to appreciate the cure, but i don’t deny their phenomenal existence. i noticed that in most adam sandler’s movies, there will be at least one song by the cure.

came to know of lullaby from entourage’s fifty-eighth episode — the guitar intro is sooo — that song make a good make out song, what with the husky voice and the tempo/beat/rhythm — although the lyrics are about a spider’s dinner.

haihhh a spider’s dinner pun boleh jadi lagu yang hawt for a make out.

+ + +

there’s so many times i stared at FB’s what are you doing right now and felt like typing screaming/ bosan/ bawling her throat out.