something is not right with moi

YVO — i love you nathan willett!!!

YVO — your voice only

entourage put on really good music — well, at least for moi right now who currently lives and loves for a stimulating — flirty and intellectual — conversations, laughing hard, be carefree and everything a la marie antoinette at her petit trianon.

come and get with it is one cool track, basic vocab!


seperti kata roha

i have not been able to focus properly to blog —  i have been unable to do so because it felt surreal lately. it really does. as roha says it, just put up a really biiiggg grin to express myself. and also to prayyy a lot.

okay. 😀




okay. 😀

for the moment, i wouldn’t know what’s next but i do know that i’m happy. it’s surreal, but here i am. just too happy. happy.