(in the manner of Sylvie Mortimer’s second honeymoon journal but Lauren Blount’s divorced honeymooon applies) Bubble bath. Beach. Coffee. Bliss.

how to live life without a bathtub?

hmmm… tricky. tsk tsk. yes, i could not imagine. either i buy that tinta semi-d at alam impian or that i will renovate the bath once i get my bonus (at the time that i would already have a house with white picket fences lovingly purchased by le husband).


hmmm… answered.

+ + +

switched it off.

“you tau tak dia letak nama i apa dalam handphone dia? a’mour.”
“dia tu tak sedar diri lea, babi… kan selalu suka tersangkut dengan orang punya…”

+ + +

not my feng shui.

over the last seven months observed, each time i paid a visit to n9, i will be coming home crying.

1. the trip with anysz and farizz to pd.
2. the pre-wedding shopping at nilai 3.
3. the wedding at rasah kemayan.

on the way home and when i got home — menangis. leona lewis’ bleeding love accompanied the first post trip, once’s aku mau did the second, and jason mraz’s soothing guitar intro of details in the fabric became the consolable theme ever since.

maybe the jinx is now broken. vaykay-ed the fullest while at the water chalet, themed the whole trip with sofia coppola’s marie antoinette soundtrack and revising plum sykes’ the debutante divorcée, chatted and flirted and the most decadent activity — spending splendourish times in the bathtub.

the conclusion is that… okay, i can be married off to a certain HH since there’s a certain HH from n9 and n9 is no longer not-my-feng-shui so i should be okay if i were to be married off to that certain HH if the stars are aligned so. ha ha ha ha.

+ + +


hmmm… i do say that there’s not much in pd. and if you’re in need for a therapeutic treatment minus great food — do you good anyway to appear heroin chic (not that you have much appetite as well) because glam must always be there even if the style is almost absent — the water chalet i just got back from is a good place to go.

that is, if you are a bathroom fan like moi.

the moment i opened the door, i stepped into the bath. the vanity table on my left, the shower at one o’clock, and the bathtub peeking beside the toilet on my right. there are no walls, and the roof on the shower can be opened.

and for other bathroom fans like the cm-s — i’m not sure about the fgk-s but i think they will eventually buy the idea of a decadent sleepover — we will be having fun just hanging out in the shower. the mandi lulur would be a must, bikini strutting, ad-hoc photo studio, et cetera, et cetera… i just know how roha will generate more ideas beyond this simple entry.