~ although farizz has been forewarned to not drop by my blog until he executed his entourage marathon, and even if he does anyway, this is the entry that you should not be reading. again, you’ve been forewarned ~

a few years back, someone sent a message to me, an excerpt from radiohead’s fake plastic tree. i didn’t know what song it was when i read the message. i don’t seem to get the hidden message either. when i tried to relate it to the situation, i don’t see it fitting. what the hell, the guy was quite poetic lyrically.

later i found out which lyric it was and i have the song copied to my machine. no, i never find out what he actually meant.

i never liked the song. i don’t seem to appreciate it. i only had it listed in my player for the sake of having the most of him when he is not around. 

eventually, i had the song removed from my machine. with every inch of hatred, and finally a reason to not have it eating my space, i deleted it.


recently i watched the sixty-first episode of entourage ~ farizz, stopped reading ~ that song is played at the ending. no wonder jeremy piven could won a hattrick emmys. he is one ultimately outstanding supporting actor. ari’s expressions during the time he spoke to vince before they both parted for their PJs and did their reluctant unspoken goodbye…. damn, that was touching. it was heartbreaking i had to call farizz and discuss about it but it turned out he hasn’t watch it and instructed me to not speak of it, he’s planning for entourage marathon.

and the song… does the trick.

now i began to like that song.

the point is, i will like it when i feel like i want to. i am not that poyo even though i admit that i am.

that’s all… but dowh… the breakup is heartbreaking.


other comments about the seventh episode —

  • they have jason isaacs as a gay fashion campaign scout — i kinda feel insulted because i think he’s a well known actor enough not to be put as a fictional character in entourage — if you could get what i mean and it doesn’t matter if you don’t think my point is worth arguing — i love jason isaacs, his englishman accent is such a turn-on i had it in my mind to ask M to do it — spare moi the scottish accent.
  • there’s whitney port of the hills and they credited her only as girl. i think that’s insulting as well, considering that she is in the fashion industry… but oh well, if my point is not worth arguing.
  • aku suka the way raina tackle E. sangat suka. maria zyrianova is hot!
  • also, semakin kagum dengan shawna — she really got balls to the point of hating her but you will still be kagum-ed anyways.
  • and this two gotta be the best lines –
    lloyd: are you hiding something from me, ari?
    ari: only my cock and my asshole, lloyd.