hot dad

it’s been five years or so that i have not ambik tau about football. recalling Dad’s words during wc2002 — its the world’s most beautiful game — my interest during the time was fuelled by a then friend, ben.

during the world cup, i only go back and forth between italy and france. there’s trezeguet and nesta — the only players i like that has already retired. i liked trez because his jersey number caught my eye — twenty-one has always been my favourite number, which started from those days i would eat at a Station 21 western food kiosk at jln telawi whenever we’re not going to roadhouse grill where there was one of the crews who looked like dave grohl that i had my high school crush on. i don’t remember how i came to like nesta — maybe i just dig italians but i never came to factualised it only until now.

when i stated that i only looked after these two international teams, wani’s brother get the real enthusiasm of mine only because most of the players are good looking — i kinda appreciate that, though. for moi watching serie A is equivalent to chandler and joey enjoying baywatch.

the last wc, it felt surreal that france was meeting italy. i did un-subconsciously vie-ing for italy to win but i still had reservations when come to thinking that france is ethereally skillful sometimes. but i’m superglad italy won anyway. the hitz fm morning shows rudy and jj put up memang tak boleh blahhh with them speaking french on the day before final and went all italianos the next day when italy is crowned 18th wc champion — loveem anyways.

currently, i am only layan-ing L’s devotion for liverpool and he’s my only source of information about football should this discussion comes up during dates, at least i would know this and that, here and there, bits and pieces of one of the most talked about topic. but if i really don’t know about certain things in the world of football, i’d let the date filled me in — men like to talk a lot too, don’t they?

L delivered a piece of info that shocked me over leftover strawberry cheesecakes from last surprise party. this sunday, there will be a match between liverpool and chelsea… and i felt torn in between. perasan giler, but i get this kind of hype that i’ve not felt for quite some time *grins*. HH is a fiercely loyal fan of the pensioners and i am just starting to get into this side of him — goes without saying that he has the fit in electric blue, i should think. he created a good name for his imaginary football team — redshirtisgay — which to me says out loud for the overrated mufc (lantak ko lea, farizz).

since it is obvious that i only root for the hotties, i’m rooting for liverpool this sunday — gerard is a hot dad (takde kena mengena with a handsome dad) because the first time i saw this picture without knowing who he is, i went, “gosh, that’s a hot dad!”

i may be ignorant about the skills but at least i don’t go that bimbo and confidently supports manchester united during world cup.