drop a line

farizz: kau kan, suessy, kena boyfriend yang intellectual.
suessy: what’s with the intellectual part?
farizz: because yang intellectual je yang pandai berfikir.

too straightforward, he might missed it — whoever he is.

+ + +

aneeza: suessy? got time? aku kat depan rumah kau ni. sorry eh, can you come out?

it was 10.30 something and when i got out i was surprised with helium balloons, la manila strawberry cheesecake, lovely lace wind chime for bday pressie, and the feeling gurls klub sworn sisters.

i want to wait for the pictures from aneeza’s new ixus860 – gorgeous gadget – to put it up here, there, and everywhere. the three  of them – anysz, aneeza, cordee – really are the holy trinity. they can cam and joke like nobody’s business.

i’m just ultrahappy that they made an ultimate revision of october 20th.

+ + +

roha: you ramai sangat girlfriends… nanti bila you kahwin nak pilih bridesmaids mesti susah.

suessy: oh noo, i’ve decided – though whoever the groom is – that i will have you six as my bridesmaids. and no, none of you will wear my colour… rather it’s either the nine west tote or nine west heels you would be shashaying at the wedding. berangan. huda ni almost kena de-listed… lambat sangat wish aku happy birthday.

huda: ni yang aku nak marah ni weyyy! takde kredit lea!

+ + +