revising rav

dad said that the word rav of my ultimate orgasmic choice of wheelbesides the ultimate love for range rovers – is a french word for dream. it is actually spelled r-e-v, but not to be confused with the meaning of rev in english, it is hence spelled r-a-v (pardon the inaccuracy).

i can’t stop liking the sixth episode of gossip girl’s season two – reasons why my sense of humour is sarcastic — i appreciate them.

serena: i don’t have time to explain. i’ve been invited to the dean’s house tonight, i have to get ready.
chuck: the dean’s house? nice. what’s your answer to his question?
serena: ~~~ yes?
chuck: no, no, no, no. what person, real or imagined, the living or dead, would you most liked to have dinner with? the rumour is, if your answer impresses the dean enough, gets you on the shortlist for early admission — or so says blair.
serena: urgh, i should have given my spot to her.
chuck: you got invited and she didn’t? you’re lucky to be alive.
serena: yeah, well, i won’t be much longer if i don’t find an answer fast.
chuck: steal blair’s. she has no use for it anymore.
serena: no! no! i can’t no matter how good it is.
chuck: george sand.
serena: i did not want to know that. and how do you even know that?
chuck: — and i know this because talking to blair about how she’s going to get in yale gets her really —
serena: chuck! no! you’ve just told me two things i never wanted to hear. and one is going to haunt me for the rest of my life!

check out the rest of blair’s comeback lines to serena in that episod too. impressiva.

on a more related note to the opening, here’s something to share —

one whole year.
one hundred litre of tears.
one new lesson.
one revised definition of the red beaded baju kurung wore on the day parting of the ways.
i tried crying.
but the tears never came.


good girl, suraya.