at your own risk

i can teach you japanese !!!

chot-to ma-te-yo – wait just a minute!/ nanti sat/ jap jap jap

dai-jhou-bu – are you okay

doshte – kenapa?
dosh ta no – kenapa niii?!

yo-gah-ta – baguslah (lega aku!)

zenzei – tak ape, tak kisah, takde pape

everytime i’m watching the j-doramas and the word dozo (sila, sila/sila masuk/jemput duduk) came up, i will remember these three close-knit sisters: juez and her sisters, julializa and juhana which are affectionately called lijot and ateh… they are really beautiful girls.
if this is the correct story i’m recalling that relates to the word dozo – it was one of the Ramadhans, and the sisters were painting the whole house… then lijot started to mengadu letih and lapar naturally follows… so they unanimously decided to bukak puasa and masak maggi. they have a square crafted wooden coffee table in the middle of the house, so they were all sitting on the floor around it as the noodles are served. masa tu was tengah hari – the telly was on and RTMs – i should think – were showing the afternoon dramas, and at the time was a japanese one. the scene that was playing at the was of one inviting a person to come into the house and have a seat. that’s where the girls learnt of the word dozo, and the girls immediately started dozo-dozoing each other – with hand gestures, puckering lips, wide eyes, exaggerating nods and bows complete with earnest expression – cracking themselves out.

as for the word sohka (ye ke? okay!), there’s M. i was superdelighted when i caught him saying that when each time he’s saying unpleasant things he would say, “excuse my french” – whatever – after his friends finished explaining him – whatever it was – and that was his response.
moi: was that japanese?
M: yeah.


ntah, dah benda-benda ni yang aku ingat.

other japanese words i self-taught