“Aku tak suka kau sebut, ‘kawan kau’. Sebut je lea nama dia. Kenapa kau nak kena guna ‘kawan kau’?”
“Because aku ada nama lain untuk dia and since not everyone likes the new name and you are still friends with him, out of respect*, I do not use that name.”

Its funny how the rest of the bloods identify the name as well.

*towards people who are friends with


When you never thought of him as anyone else in your book but only as your significant other.
You could not just see him in any other way.
… at least for moi. there’s only two names, and i don’t indentify/compute by the actual name.

Sakit woo.
And for this darling guyfriend of mine who helped me through yesterday – and counted the days to my bday ;-p – I don’t wish for him to walk down the same road I walked.
But thank goodness I didn’t have to hitchhike… the girls sent their limos with Kleenex tissue way ahead already.


And there’s a prospect with the same name — I don’t want to get confused.