i unstoppable…


right after the last breaking fast – i thought i was famished, and had the fear of overeating rice – i finished only half of the bukhara chargrilled lamb (and Mum finished the rest, thank god!), a small bowl of laksa, and that kuih sagu yang coated with kelapa tu… suka. najwa raged that i only ate half of the rice when she have been listening to me whining about being hungry as soon as we arrived to the darling flat in georgetown.

then, i have this tantrum that i must have the combination of pulut and rendang now!!! after isya’ prayers – i succumbed to the ketupat palas and very fragrant rendang tok. nice. fiekrey joined me later. i ate the ketupat palas with kak lina’s serunding as well.

later that night, aunt B finished the kuah kacang and although i should have save some raya feel, i ignored it completely and had nasi impit and kuah kacang for supper.

freeflow of nescafe o. that’s the trademark of the house.

can’t stop moi.


while the boys went for the Eid prayers, i helped myself to the newly made lontong with nasi impit and kuah kacang. when the boys came back from the prayers, i joined them as well for ketupat palas and dad’s phenomenal rendang ayam. and second serving of nasi impit with lontong, kuah kacang and rendang ayam.

afterwards – the salam-salaman, photo shoots and everything, najwa, qieqie, and i decided to watch KAMI the Movie at Queensbay but it was not shown that day – duhhh – and i was whining about being hungry although i am actually full but i wanted to eat something else other than the Eid dishes. but we went straight home anyway. ratah rendang, solat, tido. bangun tido, makan rendang ayam with ketupat, sembang-sembang, mandi, makan nasi impit, lontong, kuah kacang, ketupat, rendang tok, cornflakes cookies, and yesss, the everfreeflow of nescafe o.

that night, we made one new batch of cornflakes cookies because aunt B won’t let us have anymore of her portion as she has already given our portion and we didn’t want to open our portion at her house so we must eat her portion only and she defended her portion she hid it somewhere we didn’t know – then again, as in azmee’s words, “tak ke mana cookies tu…”. we polished off the last two trays of the fresh-from-the-oven cookies because the 30cm height balang is already full.



went upstate to sg petani, to aunt H’s house. had newly cooked nasi tomato, ayam masak merah and freeflow of superchilled sirap merah. heaven. keep thinking the only person missing is anthony bourdain. he should’ve been with moi.

came back to georgetown, polished off the rendang ayam, the ketupat and nasi impit and lontong with kuah kacang. najwa sent in leftovers from chilli’s – some chicken and three different sauces.

mum made nescafe susu. on top of the nescafe o. i don’t remember drinking plain water unless i’m taking the supplement – if i could help it – i dunked it with the caffeine anyways. suerie won’t be happy… haha!


mum’s sweet “15”. strawberry chocolate cake from secret recipe. RM115 and ten cents (including tax and service charges) worth of KFC. two tubs of bihun goreng siam. sodas and chips. although this is held at alane’s house, his wifey – kak lina, followed true to the mother-in-law’s tradition: the freeflow of nescafe o.

i had three pieces of the cake, three pieces of chicken, one plate of the bihun, wiped off one serving of cheezy wedges, half large coleslaw, cottage fries’ chips, sodas, and one whole pot of coffee in the duration of four hours.

i also had the ketupat palas with kacang and the serunding. somehow, i could not go the first three Eids without at leats one of its dishes – which the first two days i’ve had quite severals.

went home high on sugar and the ting tings’ we started nothing.


thank you wish is extended with gratitude and appreciation and lovelovelove to

  • alane and kak lina for letting their house be the venue of mum’s bday. i looove – looove – the house!
  • azmee and aunt B for contributing the snacks and drinks and cooking the two tubs of bihun goreng siam.
  • najwa and aunt M for getting a goodie bag from mukhriz’ bday for mum – for the sake of fun.
  • everybody else who were there to celebrate mum’s sweet “15”. your presence has been ultra delightful.

xxx. merci.


mum announced that each of us is to scale our weight for before and after Eid observation. unbelievable. my weight is unchanged.