i inspired…

my aunt B has this term for those oversized/bug-eyed sunglasses – “spekmata mahkamah syariah”, or most people that i know dubbed it as “spekmata altantuya”.

while she looked at our pictures, slyly commenting us on wearing the sunglasses inside the house for camwhoring session… she is soon inspired by its composition (knowing her). she has this story to tell and i’m sharing it here.

not so thorough and complete… but you get the idea.

the “desperate housewives” at the court waiting for the jatuh talak ceremony by the “imaginary husbands”.


the family members of the “desperate housewives” at the luar mahkamah
waiting for the jatuh talak ceremony and papers finalized.


the “desperate housewives” walking out of the court after proceeding ends.


they are now officially single and are free to reign the world…