it is seriously theraupetic every time after a visit to shanny’s. it’s nice to have someone who will tailored and engineered the cloth to great effect on your body and you get to admire how your curves look like. but the best of them was the last visit before Eid.

shanny: you pernah datang sini dulu kan buat baju?
moi: yeah… (flipped through her book and found my page), ni! ni i punya measurement.
shanny: aha! betul lea, tapi i tak sure… i ambik measurement you lagi sekali… wahhh, you sudah kurus lah!
moi: hmm, ade lea kurus sikit.
shanny: ini bukan kurus sikit, kurus banyak!

and so she strikethroughed here and there on my page to record the new measurement.


therapeutic, baby… therapeutic…