vesper ventures

aku suka lagu lama… baca dengan lebih terperinci: lagu yang dah outdated. asalkan aku layan. dan kan aku suka lelaki menjerit-jerit masa menyanyi? lelaki terbaru yang ku sukai ialah nathan willett dari kugiran indie cold war kids. tak sangka ku layan-layan juga indie-indie ini. based on the list of music in gossip girl series, rata-ratanya ialah genre indie. i’m having fun here…


i did also, had fun for the breaking fast at wani’s last sunday. i like the drive particularly. i took the first exit whereas i should have taken the second exit to subang jaya — my mechanical terms still runs the same programme… perlu reformat again.

i would have been sore to missed wani’s and followed M to whatsoever another gathering – although chilled pitted raspberries with icing sugar and cream is nice – and i enjoyed myself driving around vesper looking for SS19/xx… mencabar, dowh… tapi aku suka… sangat. i do, oui, have the worst sense of direction… but as long as the signboards are direct and aku masuk lorong yang betul… as long as i’m in SS19, i’d be okay to go look for the particular street. sampai sekarang nak pergi rumah shanny pun i could never give out the directions to others, i am still in my own adventure looking for SS2/xx every time i’m picking up the altered dresses —jasmine pun tak boleh nak bagi the directions to moi also… ha ha.

i arrived there first, with wani away at pasar ramadhan for her must-have tepung pelita pick up… so i waited outside and later iekmal arrived — and i didn’t know that was him who arrived and parked in front of wani’s house until he called… ha ha. then jasmine arrived with oat… and then some guys… and then suerie – i lurve lurve lurve your cardi!!! and then another guy with his gf, nina — who is awfully sweet and nice.

then the hostess finally arrived in her blue momo… i looove wani’s house. as according to suerie, it’s the old design where you can’t find this kind of roof design and a lengthy yard that could parked three cars vertically. if it were to Mum, she’d bring the house to the front some more to have more spacious living room. somehow, i could imagine my cats in every inch of wani’s house… like i can imagine where monti and kenya would sprawled themselves and sophie would always failed herself climbing up and down the steps that comes from the living room to the dining area. and the buaian… i asked jasmine to buy one for moi on my wedding day… somehow asking it as a birthday present is too much… so i put it down as wedding gift… boleh eh, jasmine.

the three things i like about wani’s house is – the buaian, the pets, and the couch (seperti imej yang ada). the couch, tak utilise at its full feature pun takpe. aku suka duduk atas kerusi empuk itu especially selepas kenyang… macam ada orang peluk aku sedap-sedap je…. haihhh. as for the pets… quoting jasmine, “suraya tak boleh tengok kucing…” ha ha, nak sangat aku ketemukan tommy dengan luesi. and my blouse was so ruined with all his hairs i became so conscious about being too close with anyone and especially wani since she was minding her fever. and that angora rabbit of hers – is it angora? – thank you to iekmal for bringing it to me as aku seriau when it repetitively kicks the air as you picked it up.

basically patik teramat suka sangatlah rumah wani and the wholesome company… aku suka masa makan nasi lemak dan dihiburkan dengan lagu britney spears yang diolah semula habis-habisan on top of olahan akustik oleh shukor, and all those jokes the members of the table were insipred by that which followed… memang aku suka sangat sit down dinner like that. semua berkumpul and share around the jokes that keep coming… amusing and wholesome.

the small gathering was a success even though it was simple… plenty of food also… and yeah, we should do it again. suerie has already announced her open house on oct 25th — wanis birthday — to which i also ambil kesempatan to announce my coming birthday and that aku tak nak present 2-in-1… ha ha. jasmine has also announced a raya makan-makan. insya allah i’d be for both, i’m looking forward for the drive… i’m ready for my next adventure.


thanx, guys…