hello, you…

it’s pretty obvious that i got extra baggage with moi… that’s why i think you’d like to stay away from me. i don’t care much about you, either… i only love the ladies (and some men) in my life right about now… because i just learned to love them and be extra patient the way they’ve done for me… especially even at those times i neglected their feelings.

i have quite a scarred past if you just must know… but if you never asked, i salute that you chose to acknowledged that you could not handle it and since the damages are already done, anyway… who are you to judge moi?

among the things i forgot to highlight what i need you to be if you think you could like me – to love cats (or at least not detest them or have allergy) and does not despised durian. hm, yes, i find that we could not harmoniously be together if you won’t tolerate those two.

leave me alone when i’m with my favourite shows/movies/comics/harry potter. it won’t take the whole twenty-four hours… surely you can live without me for awhile. 

i can never change me and changing you never crossed my mind because that is just who you are. i may be too darn judgmental, but feel free to impress me. i like my mind to be blown away. prove me wrong about you. i don’t mind just sitting and chatting with you the whole night if you could hold my attention.


know what, i think i might love you.